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Mobile gaming to top gaming markets in 2015

06 April 2015

Since the manufacturing of smart phones and gaming apps creations, it has become more and more prevalent that mobile gaming has overtaken the traditional console gaming approach. In early 2015, games industry market research company Newzoo, predicted that mobile gaming would outshine console gaming and exponentially grow.

According to the Newzoo report, mobile gaming revenues are expected to increase worldwide with a 51% rise expected in North America and a 47% increase in Western Europe. However the largest anticipated rise is forecasted in South East Asia and China at an estimated 86% year on year growth.  The indications from 2014 seems to support this theory. There was a 43% rise in mobile gaming when compared with 2013 figures. However, it is unlikely that the growth of the mobile gaming industry will necessarily mean the redundancy of other types of gaming platforms.

With the rapid advancement of technology today, consumers have a selection option of four gaming mediums – the smart phone, tablet, PC and TV (console). These options now contributes to mobility accessibility, making it possible to spend time playing games any time without restrictions. Statistics have shown that there has been a 40% rise in time spent gaming in the last 2 years.

There are some games that are undoubtedly better suited for playing on a small screens than others. In fact, certain casino games work very well on smaller screens, making this well suited as online casino websites now offers their games in mobile format. There are however service providers that do offer only mobile casino format games. A good example is “Fortune Frenzy” where consumers can play a selection choice of slots, blackjack, roulette and bingo on their smartphones. There are certain other games that are more suitable for consoles, and the reason why Newzoo has predicted a gradual equal footing of consumer spending across all four gaming platforms. The current spending across all four gaming consoles in the United States are as follows: 44% on TV (console), 26% on PC, 15% on tablets and handheld consoles, and 15% on mobiles. Worldwide spending as follows: 28% on TV, 39% on PC, 13% on tablets or handhelds and 15% on phones.  It is clear that mobile gaming is in a very good positioning in terms of growth markets and with mobile gaming revenues anticipated to reach a staggering $30.3 billion dollars by the end of 2015, casino operators are leveraging to seize opportunity share in this burgeoning market.

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