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Man drops bag of cocaine in casino

August, 12th 2015

The Australian radio broadcasting reported an embarrassing accident that happened to a guest in the casino. A man called Passmore was gambling in the Sky City Casino in Darwin, Australia. In the heat of the moment he was not paying attention for a short time and a little bag filled with white powder fell onto the gambling table while he was pulling out his wallet to deposit some more money into the game. As soon as he realized what happened, he quickly removed the little bag from the table and continued playing as if nothing had happened.

This was recorded by the monitoring cameras of the casinos though, wherefore the security team called the local police right away. After showing this film material to two of the security people, they immediately responded and escorted Mr Passmore to an empty room of the casino. The content of his bags was strictly controlled and they found a high amount of cocaine. The two police officers asked Passmore about the content of the bag and he responded: “It was just a party drug for tonight, a little bit of Charlie.” Charlie is a slang in Australia meaning “Cocaine”. The officers arrested him and he had to go to court. He was lucky though: His penalty was only $300.

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