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Macau is retraining VIP coaches

August, 21st 2015

Since December last year, the Labour Affairs Bureau of Macau has only received 61 requests for aid by staff that has worked for the VIP Gaming Clubs until recently. These people need help in finding a job. 17 of the unemployed have already found a job through a matching service that has been provided by the government. Lau Wai Meng, deputy director of the Bureau released the figures during an event on Saturday. Lau noticed that even though the crisis in Macau has been going on for a while now, comparatively few people were seeking help at the Labour Affairs Bureau. Lau mentioned to the media that the number of former employees of the VIP area seeking for support is not very high. The dismissed employees could find new and similar positions relatively fast. So far, nine VIP clubs in Macau have employed the VIP managers. However, there is still a concern about the labor market situation in the gaming industry. Therefore, the Labour Affairs Bureau has launched a program called on-the-job for employees of local casinos to help improve their qualifications. The Bureau wants to cooperate with gaming companies to offer management education.

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