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Like Social Games And Slots? Then You Will Love The New Title By Gameloft

Gameloft, the well-known social games developer that created a number of undisputed hits – think Asphalt and Assassin’s Creed series, – has finally realized the degree of popularity of slots and developed the first-ever social game that is based on slots.

CSI slot in the focus

It is CSI: Slots, currently available iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Windows Phone. As the name suggests, the new slot game from Gameloft belongs to the universe of CSI, a very popular series made by CBS Interactive. If you have not seen an episode you must at least have heard of it (if not, Google it now or face oblivion, everyone knows CSI). As is usual for the Gameloft’s creations, this is a freemium game designed for a casual gamer.

More details about the game

Since Gameloft partnered with CBS for this game, you can expect complicated and non-trivial lines and plots unrolling before you as you progress through the game. As incredible as it sounds, in CSI: Slots you get to investigate crimes with a CSI team in… yes, you guessed it, Las Vegas. The spins uncover new evidence and provide interrogation opportunities, as well as rewards and bonuses and free spins not only advancing investigation at hand but also filling the player’s pockets with money. In fact, it is one of the (very?) few slot games that actually keep you interested not only with the spinning reels.

CSI-supporters will love it

For the fans of CSI, which are numerous, this slot game is a great chance to meet their favourite characters in a new context. To keep it competitive, the developers have put some of the characters and themes behind the progression ladder’s steps: you want to see it, you have got to solve cases.

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