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Large-scale slot fraud

August, 22nd 2015

Once gambling is mentioned, fraud and crime is often linked to it. Especially when it comes to slot machines, scams in Germany have surpassed creativity. The fraud causes a EUR 10 Mio. damage per year. There are some well-known slot machine fraudsters and relevant fraud manners that lead gangsters to success in many cases. Tommy Glenn Carmichael was one of them. As former TV repairman blessed with an abundance of electronics know-how, he became famous with his notorious monkey claw. His case became famous in the United States and taken over by many other fraudsters. The monkey claw is a device attached to the game devices and allows the scammers to penetrate into the payout chute of the machine. The monkey claw triggers the payout mechanism and fraudsters can easily pick up the coins. The monkey claw, however, was not the only mechanism that made Carmichael a famous fraudster in the US. Once the monkey claw trick was revealed, he developed more mechanisms, such as a loop which interfered with the circuits of the machines. His cleverness was unmatched, but like so many who turn to crime as a get-rich-quick scheme, he was eventually caught and made to pay for his lawless behavior. Dennis Nikrasch is known as the king of all slot machine scammers. He managed to open the slot machines and to manipulate the random number generator to get paid high jackpots. He was a Vegas slot cheater and a former locksmith who was responsible for spearheading the biggest casino theft in Las Vegas history, by grabbing $16,000,000 from rigging slot machines over a 22-year period. In recent years, a lot of other scammers were successful with different kind of scams.

Elaborate techniques for machine fraud

In the recent years, various scams have been created, which made fraudsters rich. A gang once took advantage of a wire, which produced an electronic contact increasing the payout sums. Hacking is another way to double the payout sums. There were other cases in which slot machines were not manipulated themselves, but there was a system developed that could calculate exactly how a slot machine works and when the risk button had to be pressed to get all the winnings. At the beginning of this slot machine boom, fraudsters only needed the simplest manipulation methods as for example a coin attached on a string.

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