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Is the Czech billionaire Chvatal Europe’s new Casino Tycoon?

July 15, 2015 Sazka, the Czech gaming company and its owner, the billionaire Robert Chvatal has lately quite often appeared in the headlines. The biggest win in the history of the euro jackpots, € 90 billion, went to the Czech Republic and was paid out by Sazka and of course the poker to the casinos Austrias in the Epics played an important role. Mr. Chvatal is one of the financiers of the Epics Group. The billionaire worked for 15 years in the telecom sector and most recently as the CEO of T-Mobile Austria. The deal appears to him that he is looking for another main pillar and that Austria would fit very well into his concept. As neighboring countries with a similar culture this is also a logical step and also the philosophy of the two companies are consistent. Chvatal also sees many parallels between his former industry, telecommunications and gambling.

He believes that gaming will digitize further in the future and he thinks that lottery or scratch cards will need a lot more marketing. Chvatal used his investment company KKCG to rehabilitate Sazka after a bankruptcy in just 3 years. Today the aim is to achieve about 400 million € turnover and 60 million € profit with 330 employees after a € 326 million turnover and € 50 million profit last year. The company operates 7,000 lottery outlets in tobacco shops, gas stations, supermarkets and post offices in the Czech Republic and also scratch cards or sports betting are offered. 135,000 customers have also had a Sazka mobile number with which they automatically participated in sweepstakes. In 2016 they also want to enter the online business when the legal basis has been created in the Czech Republic. Sazka is now looking for know-how in the field of Internet, this is why Casinos Austria becomes interesting because when it comes to innovations they are the front leader, especially with regards to Roulette or Blackjack, the classic table games. Chvatal said that the future of the industry is certainly in the Internet.

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