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Is Novomatic losing the battle for Casinos Austria

12. September 2015

Until recently, it seemed almost certain that Novomatic will be the new owner of Casinos Austria. But now the tide has turned. The two Czech billionaires named Karel Komarek and Jiri Smejc declared the war against the Austrian gaming group. An Austrian investor is also on board. Rumors are about the families Dichand and Soravia, the owner of the Dorotheum and the investor Michael Tojner. However, no longer on board is the Viennese investor Peter Goldscheider. The acquisition of indirect shares of Donau Versicherung totaling 11,345 percent could tip the scales in favor of the Czech investors. The Donau Versicherung commented its decision a few days ago.

“The consortium has submitted the best offer and a concept for a long-term and sustainable business expansion of Casinos Austria and the job security in Austria. In addition, it was confirmed that an Austrian investor will be taken as a partner on board. ”

The deal is legally rather complicated, because the consortium Austrian Gaming Holding AS with its headquarters in Prague does not buy Casino shares. The CAME Holding that holds 29.6 percent of Medial holding company, which owns in turn 38.29 percent of Casinos Austria, will be taken over. The Lower Austrian gaming group Novomatic had recently secured an impact at the casinos via the medial because other medial co-owners such as UNIQA, Leipnik- Lundenburger LLI have pledged their shares of Novomatic casino. In theory Novomatic holds almost 39 percent of the shares and the shares of Maria Theresia Bablik in Höhr of 16.8 percent Novomatic also secured. Through the mutual rights of first refusal of the casino partners the tide has now turned, because it could theoretically be that if they make use of their right of first refusal to acquire the entire medial, they would be able to secure the majority of the casinos.

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