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Interesting study on the development of Online Gambling

28 August 2015

New research findings about the proliferation of online gambling has shown some surprising results. According to the study every 10th adult is said to be allegedly committed across the globe by 2019 in some kind of online gambling; in Italy and the UK it will be already almost 5 out of 10 adults. The research, which was conducted by Juniper Research, stated that more and more people will move away from the traditional gambling such as the purchase of lottery tickets and move in the direction of online games and mobile channels. The rise of online gamers will be fuelled by the expected increasing liberalisation of European and American markets, which will make online casinos and sports betting more accessible. However, it has specifically shown in the United States, that a number of companies licensed in the states where gambling is allowed, such as Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey have not noticed any increase in sales in the past two years.

Therefore Americans who want to play online legally can only do this at offshore locations like TopBet and Bovada, and it is not surprising that these sites receive on a regular basis an ever increasing traffic. To compare this with the situation in Europe. In recent years the EU has been trying to regulate online gambling in a consistent manner across the EU Member States. But Juniper Research study has shown that the latest initiative in the EU of AML (Anti Money Laundering) has led in the end of May to the exit of several big players because of the complicated approval procedures and high taxes. For example, both Playtech and Manison, two big names in the online gambling market in Germany have to stop operating this year and William Hill had recently left Portugal because of high taxation. If the EU continues with its tax rate, also other key players will be leaving the market, warns the research.

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