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Increased actions against illegal gambling

August, 11th 2015

The European Casino Association (ECA) is convinced that there must be taken more action against illegal gambling. The decision was made concordantly at the most recent member’s meeting. This decision was not only made to protect players but also to protect legal gambling operators. This fight against illegal gambling is not only going to be important and needed in Germany but is also important for the EU.

But not only the ECA, with their main offices in Brussels, but also the European Commission notices the importance of a call for action. In a recent letter of the European Commission from June 2015, they say that the attempt directing the gambling industry into an organised, regulated and monitored business has failed clearly. Unregulated gambling in Germany still has a 30% share in the market. The ECA is supporting the actions and plans of the European Commission against Germany. The failed regulations have to be removed in order to strengthen consumer protection.

The interests of public licensed casinos in Germany are suppose to be reinforced with the help of the ECA. Self-employed lawyer Miriam Benert represents hereby the interests of German casino operators on an European level and was nominated for the position of the ECA chairman representing Germany.

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