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Illegality through PayPal with regards to online gambling

August 02, 2015

Does Paypal help with transactions for illegal gambling?

Many provider use the PayPal payment option, which is considered to be a safe method. The payment provider PayPal has now been accused of having taken part in payment transactions for unauthorized online gambling. This accusation brought the company to waive the payment of an outstanding balance in the amount of 8,000 euros. A Berlin student had gambled in the past at the internet portals Tipico and Bwin. The person lost a sum of 8,000 euros that she had deposited via the payment service provider to the online gaming operators. However, the money could not be refunded to PayPal on behalf of the student. At this point, the company urged the student and involved Inkasso, the collection company in order to recover the amount of a total of 8,000 from the person. However the urged student made use of her lawyer who send a letter which made sure that the company withdrew the PayPal payment request.

Dismissal of the recovery of debts against the user

Due to the letter of her lawyer, the user doesn’t have to transfer any money to the payment provider PayPal. The service provider had responded to the letter of the lawyer and admitted that the money was paid to the online gambling operator Tipico and Bwin and were in line with the requirements. The lawyer had accused the company of participating in payment transactions for illegal gambling. This accusation on behalf of the prosecutor seems to have shown effects at the provider, because PayPal now waived the payment of 8,000 euros by the user.

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