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iGambling Trends for 2015

03 March 2015

iGaming has shown persistent growth over the past few years and is expected to continue the same trend. With about 51% of the world’s population taking part in some form of gambling every year, it is a significant reflection of obvious financial benefits for online gambling websites.

Some of Europe’s major economies are disembarking from a recession hence fiscal cuts and a decrease in borrowing. It is however surprising how the mobile gaming industry has exceeded expectations. According to statistics and recent reports, the mobile gaming industry has exceedingly generated with exponential growth.

Since the past decade the online gambling market has shown consisted annual growth by 23%. The most popular and dominating gaming is of course wagering, casino and poker games. A clear indication that its growth and popularity is driven by elements such as internet penetration, new unfolding markets as a result of relaxed legislation and opening of newer player groups.

A staggering statistic shows that woman user numbers have increased by 80% varying between the ages of 16 and 75 years of age, while the men users in the same age group show an increased statistic of 60%. Online gaming use to attract younger men only, however it is become more and more popular with woman and the elderly folk.

New groups of players have different preferences and reasons for playing online games. Many of which play for entertainment purposes, whilst others play for winning streaks and big money and the rest purely for relaxation. It is safe to say that gaming operators and developers should be attentive to the preferences of players. Woman players use to be very consistent in bingo games, however over the years has shown increasing keen interest in other gaming segments.

Online gambling is nothing new these days with its popularity still growing and now one of the world’s largest industries. With mass development of smartphones and other wireless devices, the online market is changing with more demand for wireless devices.

Devices such as iPhones and iPads have revolutionised the industry and are changing the way people want to bet, by providing a very convenient and enjoyable medium for gaming. It is no surprise indeed that online gambling operators are demanding casino solutions that can function on mobile devices. It is clear that there is definitely a demand for quality generic – mobile gambling and to bring fully functional games designed for the rapid growing market.

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