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If gambling addiction turns into profit

August, 06 2015

Gambling is very appealing to many people. For many players, the risk of addiction especially on slot machines is particularly high. Here there are few casual players and more gamblers who hope to win big. The hope of a big win drives many players to use more and more money to finally cash in their big win. Besides the player’s behavior, which represents a great danger, there is also the vending machine operators that will benefit from this gaming behavior. But the vending industry is not experiencing particularly easy times these days. In addition to the strong competition that prevails among operators, there are the legal requirements and regulations that impede on the operators offering.

Among the major operators within the vending industry are Crown Technologies, Novomatic, Bally Wulff and Mercury. The gaming machines of these companies only differ slightly in terms of details from each other. Of course, the gaming companies are in a fierce competition and need to survive on their own with regards to various laws. Currently in Germany about 245,000 playground equipment can be found. The majority of these toys have been installed by Crown Technologies.

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