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How Is NetEnt Doing? The Company As Issued The Interim Report For January – September 2015

If you ever wondered how does the online gaming industry doing – with all the winnings you are pocketing on a regular basis – you should take a look at the quarterly reports online gaming companies publish every now and then. They will give you an idea of how lucrative the industry is. Turns out, you are not the only one winning when it comes to internet casinos. NetEnt, one of the pioneers of online gaming, has recently published such a report. You will find the key points below. Since the company resides in Sweden, they calculate everything in Swedish kronas. As of the day this piece belongs to, the average exchange rates for the Swedish krona (SEK) were: SEK/EUR = 0.11, which means 1 SEK costs .11 Euro, and GBP/SEK = 13.01, which means that 1 pound costs 13.01 Swedish kronas. Just to let you understand the figures below.


  • Revenues increased by 28.8% to SEK 279.8 (217.2) million
  • Operating profit amounted to SEK 105.3 (73.4) million, an increase of 43.5%
  • Operating margin was 37.6 (33.8)%
  • Profit after tax amounted to SEK 97.6 (67.5) million, an increase of 44.5%
  • Earnings per share amounted to SEK 2.44 (1.69) before and after dilution


  • Revenues for the first nine months increased by 32.5% to SEK 809.3 (610.6) million
  • Operating profit amounted to SEK 279.8 (181.3) million, an increase of 54.3%
  • Operating margin was 34.6 (29.7)%
  • Profit after tax amounted to SEK 258.3 (166.1) million, an increase of 55.5%
  • Earnings per share amounted to SEK 6.45 (4.16) before and after dilution


  • Signed customer agreement with Gala Coral in the UK
  • Signed customer agreement with Golden Nugget in New Jersey, USA
  • Granted transactional waiver to launch games with Borgata and by the regulator in New Jersey
  • Launched games with Borgata in New Jersey

What does that all mean for you, the player? Well, there is a number of nice things behind the dry figures and statements. According to the NetEnt’s CEO, the company now supplies its games to the regulated market in New Jersey, USA. The demand for NetEnt’s products is as strong as ever, which means they will be available in a wider range of online gaming establishments. For one, in the third quarter NetEnt has signed nine new customer agreements and launched six new customers’ online casinos. Among others is the Gala Coral, a major gaming operator with a strong presence on the important markets in the UK and Italy. As for the US market, NetEnt has signed its third customer agreement there, this time with Golden Nugget, a well-known brand in the US casino industry with large casino resorts in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Moreover, the company is now allowed to launch games with and Borgata. And there will be new titles coming, no doubt about it: NetEnt opens the dev office in Krakow, Poland. So stay tuned and get ready for awesome promotions as the new games hit the market.

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