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Growth measures increases for UK based gaming operator Rank Group

25 May 2015

Online and land-based gaming operator Rank Group has indicated advance development in its digital performance of its Mecca brand, which main offering is bingo. A provisional management statement by Rank Group disclosed that the measure for growth in sales in revenue to date for 2015 has increased by 5% and a total revenue growth margin of 4%.

In other gaming sectors Rank Group’s Grosvenor Casino establishment has also advanced with a measure for growth in sales revenue by 7% and overall revenue growth by 8% to date. This significant growth pattern reveals a robust revenue performance to date with an overall business measure for growth in sales for Rank Group of 4%.

Chief executive officer for Rank Group, Henry Birch commented as follows: “The group’s performance continued to improve in the 20-week period, with our digital channels performing particularly strongly driven by improvements in marketing, retail cross-over and product development. The improvement in Mecca’s digital revenue seen in the last 20 weeks is especially pleasing resulting in overall growth in the Mecca brand.”

In recent years, the gambling industry has undergone significant change through regulatory and legislative reform, the rise of the internet and new technologies and a range of economic factors.

Gaming operator Rank Group has shown exceptional growth and strategic business diversity approaches that have been their leverage for more than seven decades. A formidable force in the casino industry, the gaming operator to date is the most profitable casino operator in Britain, with past acquisitions of casinos in Belgium which have accelerated its development and revenue success in the industry.

This growing success can also be contributed by its online gaming and book making offerings, which have become the vehicle for the online distribution of Rank Group’s gaming brands including, and Rank’s strategic focus on the gaming sector is driven in part by the opportunities suggested by revised gaming legislation, both in Britain and in a number of overseas markets. Despite negative changes to legislation and regulation since 2007, Rank Group has maintained its belief in the long-term attractiveness of gaming as a form of popular entertainment, creating multi-channel offerings, building digital capital, using technology to drive efficiency and consistent development of their brands.

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