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Got Some Bitcoins? You Can Use Them With Betsoft’s Slots At Coingaming.Io Directly

Bitcoin is what people took to calling “cryptocurrency”, although brainy economists and bankers disagree with the “-currency” part and come up with other names for this type of universal value transmission device every now and then. Anyway, bitcoin has been pretty hot lately, and there is a lot of controversy around the cryptocurrency. Still, its popularity grows, and a lot of people – not those contributing to the controversy but more or less regular folks – like the idea of having money that do not depend on any state's policy and decisions.


Online casinos, always spearheading tech developments – a casino will soon be one of the first things to be “built” in VR, for use with the promising Facebook’s Oculus VR headset – realized the potential of bitcoin and the fact that people playing at their servers were likely to have some bitcoins stashed, did not lag behind and introduced the cryptocurrency as a transaction option. But the process there was not “pure”: you could not deposit bitcoins per se and use them to wager on slots, for example. Instead, your bitcoin deposit was converted to a conventional currency – USD, Euro, GB pounds – and you had to use that to play on real money. Sometimes it meant losses for players, since the exchange rate of bitcoin tends to fluctuate heavily.

BetSoft and its agreement

BetSoft, known to many players for the top-notch 3D slots it makes, has recently stepped into agreement with that implies the developer will supply bitcoin-enabled slots to the casino. For the players who do have some cryptocurrency, this means some: as opposed to a more conventional currency, bitcoins are divided into mBTC, which are not hundredths but thousandths of 1 unit. So, most likely, a chance to put bitcoins directly into slots machines means more spins for the comparable amount of money.

For the industry, this is a yet another proof it is open to innovations and welcomes and fosters the things new, even those that other industries alienate at the moment.

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