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German gambling market is considered to be unregulated

September 10, 2015

There actually exists the State Treaty in Germany for gaming, which is regulates the gambling market. The first goal of the law is to ensure consumer protection. However, according to experts, in many respects the State Treaty on gaming does not meet the goal and therefore the German gambling market is considered to be unregulated.

Especially with regards to the online gambling there is currently almost no regulation in Germany. The online gambling is prohibited, but nonetheless there are numerous online casinos, online sports betting and online poker rooms that are used with pleasure by consumers on a daily basis.

Numerous providers, that offer online gambling in Germany, have a license, but no license for Germany. For this reason, the online gambling services that are being offered can be classified as illegal.

With regards to this there is almost no control. Om the websites a simple registration process is possible, without having to reveal ones age. Consumer and minor protection are not considered in this case which leads to a lot of problems. In addition to the danger for the players, the country misses out on a lot of tax revenue. The illegal providers don’t have to pay any taxes in Germany. The online gambling is already considered by experts as an uncontrolled sprawl.

Gray zone and loss of control

The providers, that also offer their online gambling services in Germany, are not necessarily black sheep. There are also reputable providers among others who use loopholes in Germany. Nevertheless, the experts are of the opinion that the offer of online gambling is only truly legal if the provider is in possession of a license in that country. Currently there are even these providers in a gray area and it cannot be said that this condition is exploited regardless of the rules. The reputable providers are quite interested in obtaining a license in Germany; however, it has been denied to them previously.

The only providers with licenses in Germany are the ones in Schleswig-Holstein, because the Nordic State struck a special path before it joined the other provinces and therefore the State Treaty on Gambling, and handed out some gambling licenses to online providers. Also sports betting provider were supposed to be given a total of 20 licenses but nothing has happened in this regard in recent years, and the vendors are still waiting for a license.

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