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Gaming Congress in Kazakhstan in August

July 21, 2015

It seems that 2015 is the year of congresses and workshops around iGaming. The Republic of Kazakhstan, former part of the Soviet Union, just announced an event in August. The event aims to shed light on the impact of the non-regulated areas of iGaming on small countries and to try to develop a model to generate income for these young economies. It has proved that bans do not make sense here and usually only lead to a rapid relocation to friendly neighbors and this at the expense of the security of online gamers in the region. A spokesman for the Kazakhstan Gaming Congress is Ruslan Suleymanov, who will give his lecture on 20 August 2015. Suleymanov is the founder and leader of the most prominent bookmaker in Kyrgyzstan, that had to close a vast network of betting shops across the country due to the new ban of sports betting. Suleymanov is also president of the Association of Kyrgyzstan gambling companies. Therefore he has a significant influence on immediate and future development within the Gambling market in the region. Besides the detailed discussion of the topic “Prohibition of bookmakers operating in Kyrgyzstan and its consequences”, he will also deliver a further insight into the challenges that Kazakhstan, a small nation, will have in the transformation of the betting market and the opening up to competition in the market.

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