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Gambling is a recognized disease

August, 15th 2015

Everywhere where there is gambling, gambling addiction is a hot topic. Gambling addiction represents great danger for many players, especially because most of the players themselves do not notice when they fall into the addiction. In Delmenhorst, this issue is currently playing a role again due to the drob. The drob is an anonymous drug-counseling service with a new offer called “Die Spirale nach oben”. This offer was created to help players to admit their gambling addiction and to fight against it. They compiled a workbook for this purpose, which emphasizes the basic idea to support people in their search for more control.

Especially players who want to change something about their gambling behavior and who do not know where to start are addressed with this project. A lot has changed in the past years according to the experts in Delmenhorst. Gambling addiction is becoming a more and more important topic and players are being helped on site. Players have the opportunity to block themselves from gambling halls in their region. Experts, however, believe that the protection of players could be improved. A lot of experts call for a nationwide lock file to not give the players a chance to play in neighboring states.

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