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Gambling in Bavaria

August, 26th 2015

As in every German state, Bavaria has certain regulations regarding gambling. Gambling is generally not forbidden nor allowed in Germany. It depends on when, where and with which provider gambling is undertaken. There are specific rules for operators and players. Whoever offers illegal gambling or who uses the illegal offers is liable to prosecution and must expect legal consequences.

The offer of lotteries, sports betting, horse betting and casino games is permitted with a gambling legal permission in Bavaria. The range of slot machines in gambling halls is subject to a special legal regime. The permission of gambling is controlled by the State Treaty. Operators are on the safe side when they have a permit for gambling and players can feel safe when their provider owns a German license.

The State Treaty in Germany aims to lead gambling into a regulated business. Therefore, the fight against gambling addiction is one of the keynotes of the law. In addition, the State Treaty is designed to ensure that players use only legal gambling offers so that the black market in Germany will eventually disappear. Players and young people should be protected.

Gambling addiction is very dangerous, especially for young people, therefore, it is necessary to undeceive players and encourage operators to prevent addiction.

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