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First gaming congress in Almaty

04. September 2015   The thriving gaming market of Kazakhstan has encouraged many of the most important local casino operators to organise a huge convention around the different areas of gaming. The city of Almaty, the former Soviet republic hosted this event on August 20, and the organisers succeeded in bringing some of the most important people in the game industry together. The Caucasus Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the fastest growing markets within the gaming industry, this applies to both the land based casinos and also for online gambling. The local population hast an extremely positive attitude towards all forms of gambling. Those who participated in the discussions at the congress have, therefore, been thinking about the opportunities to invest into the local gaming industry and to help driving the necessary legislative changes that are ahead. On the sidelines of the event the possibility to use Bitcoins in a large-scale were discussed and some of the largest vendors have dealt intensively with online payment solutions.

Many of the online casinos already allow their members to deposit Bitcoins and bet with them since it is in line with the idea that all casino aspects should be united in a single system. Almaty hosted the first event of this type in the country and the response has been far better than it was expected at the beginning of the conference by its participants. Active discussions were held and innovative ideas were shared. The demo zone was by far the most vibrant area of ​​the event, as the leaders of the gaming industry let the participants take a look into the future of the game of chance. The organised tour of the local casinos the next day was also a great success because participants got the chance to see the city Kapchagay and its flagship casinos. Along the way they also got familiar with the traditions and the rich culture of Kazakhstan, while they visited the most luxurious resorts and hotels, which are made available to players.

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