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First Casino App for the iWatch from Apple

23 April 2015

The Apple iWatch is just a few days on the market and there already exists an online gambling app for the computer on the wrist. Ladbrokes Australia is said to be the one that published the first online gambling application for this iconic piece. The app that got introduced on Friday is a mobile betting app.

The Chief Information Officer of Ladbrokes Australia, Scott Hutchens, has announced that Apple also gave their go ahead for the new app for the iWatch. The new app is already for download available in the app store and has been approved by Apple. The key aspects of the technology of Ladbrokes are mainly focused on innovation especially for mobile devices. Online casino analysts expect that in the very near future a point will be reached where 50% of the total turnover that will be generated, said Hutchens in an interview. This app is not just a technical gimmick but a completely new facility, which the betting and casino games operator will use in order to communicate in a better way with its clients.

The combination of the Apple iWatch and the new iOS app makes it actually possible for clients, to place bets directly from the wrist. It is an unprecedented design and the simplest betting interface in the world. In future the app should make it possible for gambles to be able to bet on a wide range of sports and you can also bet on live events directly from the wrist. Of course, this raises the question whether this development is a new attitude towards online gambling initiates by Apple? The relationship is well known for its ups and downs in recent years after the technology giant removed online gambling apps from the App Store in different countries. It is likely that other operators in the midst of preparations are offering their own iWatch applications, and it will be interesting to see how Apple reacts to the regulated online gambling globally and especially in the United States. A change in the way that credit cards are being categorized could perhaps contribute to a significant increase in sales in the US online casinos. For now, the State of New Jersey has launched a trial run with a newly developed dealer code that detects the separated legal and illegal gambling transactions so that banks have the opportunity to obtain the permission of the burden of online casinos.

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