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Figures about the international gaming industry

11 April 2015

The gaming industry is huge and last year the colossal sum of $ 423 billion was achieved as the total profit or gaming revenue over the world. This is the result of a research that has just been published by Financial Services Morgan Stanley. The lotteries with a share of 29 per cent or 121 billion US dollars, lead the list of segments that can be captured by the term “other game” on. The term “other games” arouse over sports betting. This division generated $ 118 billion or 28 per cent share of global income. Online gambling generated 37 billion, or 9 per cent. In the land-based casinos $ 146 billion have been made which was attributable to the casinos in the US $ 67 billion (46 per cent), the casinos in Asia and Australia earned $ 61 billion, or 42 per cent. The rest of the world contributed 18000000000 $, or 12 per cent of the profit.

According to Bloomberg, the gaming industry is the 12th largest industry in the world. Gambling was for example the cause of the rise and fall of Macau, which is just struggling with huge sales declines in gambling. The former Portuguese colony has been in the focus of the Chinese government, which announced a nationwide campaign about the corruption in China.

Late last month, Morgan Stanley had revised its estimates of the size of the US online gambling industry by 2020. The financial services company believes that the American market for online gambling will only grow to about 2.7 billion by 2020 as revised last year’s estimate of 5 billion dollars. In the United States, the Indian gaming reached a record amount of$ 28300000000 last year, but growth has slowed to a meagre of 0.5 per cent over the previous year.Top of Form

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