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Dangerous illegal poker games in Germany

August, 25th 2015

Gambling is often associated with smoky backrooms, dubious people and crime. There are rumors of illegal organized poker games, in precisely such backrooms of not inviting pubs and bistros. There is a reason why there are rumors of illegal organized poker games those kind of environments. The excitement of the forbidden as well as the desire to win big money plays an important role. Different people come together from different classes and backgrounds and they all share a passion for the popular card game Poker. To play Poker in backrooms is not just scary for outsiders but illegal in Germany.

In addition to the risk of addiction, operators run the risk of committing an offense. In many areas there are raids happening to reveal such illegal poker games. Operators can get fines or several years in prison in the worst case. Players have less to fear, in the rarest case, they get into prison for several months or they have to pay fines, however, players are rarely convicted. Authorities want to catch operators and prevent the organization of illegal poker games in the future.

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