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Czech jackpot winner gets in touch

16 June 2015

Latest lottery millionaire from the Czech Republic, in the currency of his home country, the Czech crown, even 2 times billionaire has taken his time. Shortly before the deadline, three weeks after the draw in Helsinki, he got in touch. The winner of the highest Euro Jackpot ever only handed in his paper a good 20 days after the draw. The man from the Czech Republic won a whopping 90 million Euros while playing the lottery that is played by 13 European countries, including Germany and Austria. This was the largest finished mega jackpot of the European lottery. Now he got in touch in order for him to claim his prize.

Not only Czechs, but also a lot of players from the rest of Europe were eager to know when and if the winner would show up. Now the wait is over. A few days before the expiry date, the winner of 2 billion crowns heavy jackpot from the Czech Republic had finally gotten in touch. On Thursday, a middle-aged man all of the sudden submitted the right lottery ticket as a spokesman for the lottery company Sazka confirmed. He firstly only took 250,000 crowns, which are approximately 9900 euros from his profit from the Prague lottery center and then drove very modestly by train to his hometown. Nearly a month since the draw in Helsinki, the man took his time so that the hype would soothe. The man is from Pardubize, a city located about 120 kilometers east of Prague and he wants his life not to change in spite of the extreme profit. He wants to continue to pursue his work as before and he thought about how he can best invest the huge sum. The Czech lottery company Sazka has to pay off the rest of the huge profit of more than two billion Czech crowns from now officially within 60 days. As a reminder, after 12 laps without a main winner, the lucky fish being the only one that bet on the winning numbers 12-14-18-38-46 and supplementary numbers 9 and 10 at the draw on the 15 of May in whole of Europe.

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