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Computer games taught us how to use computers

August, 24th 2015

If you have thought that popular computer games like Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts and Freecell, were there to entertain employees and to keep them busy in boring times, you were wrong. According to a recent article from Mental Floss, Microsoft’s real goal in creating these games was to help people learning how to use a computer correctly.

Let’s take a look at Solitaire. When Windows 3.0 was introduced in 1990, Solitaire was presented at the same time. Solitaire undoubtedly is fun to play, but the real reason of the game was to teach the handling of the mouse. It may sound funny now, but when computers just came out, there was no such accessibility as a mouse and so it makes sense that Microsoft would then encourage people to learn how to use it.

Let’s look at another game: Minesweeper. Many people think that it’s just a game in which it is not possible to win, unless you had mastered its secrets, but in fact this was a game Microsoft developed to help people using the left and right click of the mouse properly and also to promote the precision of the mouse movement.

In the Microsoft game ‘Hearts’, players can interact with other cardiac players in a local network. It was not just an enjoyable way to spend your time, but it was also a way to present the impressive networking capabilities of Microsoft.

Freecell, another game, was introduced with Windows 3.1 as part of a bundle package with Win32 32-bit applications. The goal was to test the 32-bit thunk layer, a data processing subsystem that is part of Win32s. If the thunk layer was installed improperly, FreeCell could not be played. Brilliant, isn’t it?

What began as insidious test methods to improve the software from Microsoft and train users, quickly turned into a computer game craziness, which has paved the way for future game craziness, especially in online casinos. These Microsoft Games that we dismiss today as simple, allowed people to cultivate their online gaming capabilities and it became an industry that converts many billions.

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