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Common Cause at Casino robbery

August 08, 2015

A casino robbery happened in Kolbermoor a few days ago. According to the current status of the investigations the robbery was planned by the thief and the employee of the casino. On the night of Saturday, June 27, the suspect was arrested in his apartment in Kolbermoorer. The on-site inspections revealed then that the raid of the offender was planned together with the casino employee. The alleged victim was later on the day arrested by the police. In the night of the act the employee of the casino in Kolbermoor had reported the robbery to the police. They sent officials of the SEK to the casino to investigate on the spot. According to the alleged victim, the casino was raided during the night by a masked man who is said to have forced the employees with a firearm, who handed over the four-digit amount of money.

That same night, when the employee reported above case, the police started with the investigations at the crime scene. According to the victim the robber fled in an unknown direction. No one got injured during raid. The on-site inspections already caused suspicions that the 20-year-old employee was not a victim in this case, but an accomplice. The arrest of the casino employee was carried out at noon the next day.

Large-scale fraud

According to the current state of the investigations a collaboration between a perpetrator and its victim had taken place. Accordingly, the attack was allegedly planned and carried out by two. The gun and parts of the prey could already been secured by the investigators. The stolen goods, money in the Thousands, was shared by the perpetrators among themselves. The police investigation now goes towards theft of arms and pretending a robbery. The two perpetrators have to answer in the coming days in court.

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