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Casinos Austria AG preferred by the Council

17 July 2015

As has been the case frequently of late, there is something fishy concerning gambling. This time it concerns the decision that is still pending with regards to the casino licenses in Austria. Casinos Austria is rumored that the advisory board had preferred the company in the past.

Nevertheless, the Austrian monopolist was left empty-handed in the first round of the hand out of casino licenses in Austria and filed its complaint in this regard. This once again led to nothing but to the fact that they are still waiting for the awarding with licenses in Austria.

The Federal Administrative Court is currently busy investigating the award of three new casino licenses in Vienna and Lower Austria. The Casinos Austria were left empty-handed within all locations according to the last communication from the Ministry of Finance and had therefore filed a complaint. Whether this appeal will cause the Casinos Austria to receive one of the licenses in the future currently remains unclear. Everyone is already accustomed to the waiting process because a decision is still not in sight. As long as no final decision has been made, no company can initiate the next steps and give; for example, order the building of a casino.

Severe form and content errors

Casinos Austria states that they have therefore not filed a complaint because they were left empty-handed, but because it is said to have given serious content and formal errors in the last tender. The submitted complaint now leads to the fact that they have to continue to wait until the court comes to a conclusion. According to latest news it looks like there will be a decision made in summer that is already awaited eagerly by all parties.

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