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Bouncy Balls “Chain Reactor” Video Slot Has Just Given 880,419 GBP To A Lucky Player

Bouncy Balls, one of the most peculiar slot games out there, has quite recently added £880,419 to the wealth of a lucky player. Jackpot, ladies and gentlemen!

More than €1 Million win

In case you wonder how much is £880,419 in a currency you understand better, we’ll spare you some googling: the sum is equal to €1,246,406 or $1,354,102. And in case you wonder if this is a rare case of a unique combination of circumstances and stars aligning just in the right order, we’ll tell you, yes, it really is Lady Luck kissing someone, but those kisses are not that rare out there in the world of online gambling. Check the news and see for yourself that jackpots are there to be won and paid out on quite a regular basis.

The win has already been confirmed by Virtue Fusion, producer of the Bouncy Balls online slot game. However, no other details are available as yet.

No spins in Bouncy Balls

You might also wonder why the pay-out is so great. How come a slot game, which a lot of people do not take seriously, offers this large a winning? If you have been around the online casinos universe for some time now, you are likely aware of progressive jackpots. In case you do not know what it is, we’ll brief you in: progressive jackpot is a jackpot for a gaming machine where the total sum to be won increases a small amount each game, and typically a number of machines – or a “network of slots”, if we speak of online slots, – are linked together, each contributing to the progressive jackpot. So it’s like a lake (of money) fed by a multitude of brooks (carrying money).

The Bouncy Balls video slot game is nothing you would expect from a slot machine, online or offline. There are no spins in this one per se. This game applies the “chain reaction” principle to slots: on the screen you get a number of coloured balls bearing various impressions on their “faces”, and once they line up in some specific way – four of the same colour in a row, for example, – they disappear and thus provide space for the next batch of balls appearing when you spin the machine. Though not much to speak of in terms of graphics, the highly unusual gameplay (for a slot game, at least) made the Bouncy Balls video slot game quite popular out there.

Don’t miss progressive jackpots

Look for those progressive jackpots and try your luck with one of them. You might have to be patient, but the result of such efforts may well be worth it.

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