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Book of Ra 6

Book of Ra is one of the titles in online gaming that always rings a bell in minds of avid players. There has been several instalments under this umbrella title, all by Novomatic, all great and all unique in their own way. Each sequel, when it became available in online casinos, was always an instant hit, but, as opposed to other video slots that quickly gained popularity and hordes of fans among the daring people that like gambling, Book of Ra video slots never lost the appeal with the same speed. In fact, some hard-core fans of this video slot game will tell you that the very first Book of Ra was and is the best. And they are entitled to their opinion.

Play Book of Ra 6 Free

Book Of Ra 6: The Next Chapter Of The Great Story

Book of Ra 6, part of the Book of Ra video slots series, is available both in stand-alone slot machines and in online casinos. If its predecessors had only 5 reels to spin, Book of Ra offers you 6, which makes it even more interesting. Also, the quality of graphics here is much more high than in the Novomatic games released earlier. Same is true about the sounds and music you hear in this video slot.

Novomatic has been operating successfully for over 30 years now, which means that the company already has some traditions when it comes to quality slots development. Such a long and rich history also means the games developed by Novoline can be played not oly online but in regular brick and mortar casinos as well. However, internet gambling, choosing an online casino over a regular presents a number of advantages at your disposal. One of them – a very important one, if you ask hard-core players who win money playing slots – is that your chances are considerably better online than offline. The reason of such a situation is simple: online casinos do not have to cover as long a list of operating expenses as their brick and mortar counterparts do. Thus, they can and should and do offer you better conditions. Simply put, playing video slots in an online casino you have greater chances to win money than playing same games in a brick and mortar gaming establishment. But how do you find the online casino that is trouble-free, trustworthy, pays out quickly and offers exactly the games you like to play, Book of Ra 6 among them?

Finding The Right Online Casino To Play Book Of Ra 6 At

With the advent of internet, many things in life has become easy and seemingly simple. Communication, for one. Email is one of greatest things ever invented. Imagine having to send a letter to your correspondent and expecting a reply to arrive in a week or two, depending on a dozens of factors, including weather conditions, status of diplomatic relations with neighbouring countries and well-being of postmen and certain locations. Now get back to the 21st century and think of email. You are using it every day, right? But have ever thought of it as a wonder, a miraculous invention that greatly simplifies lives of millions of people.

Another good example is information availability level. Today, you can find answers to the majority of questions that may come to your mind at any given moment. Just type in what you are interested in and enjoy the inflow of data. And with the mobile connected devices growing more and more powerful, you can do that pretty much anywhere you want and anytime you have an urgent need to find answers to your questions. But there is a catch, or course: with the “internet threshold” being so low now, many people can not only read and get information online but also publish it, generate content, give answers to questions people ask. And those answers are not always correct. This means you need to look for reputable sources of information and not take anything you find on the web as something undoubted.

Entertainment industry found internet to be a very, very interesting medium. It turned out that, as the tech develops, there is more and more you can do online when it comes to fun, thrills and kicks. Internet gambling – online casinos with slots, poker, roulette, betting shops and such, – is one of the spheres that has been around for quite some time now and enjoys constant boost that provides value both to the internet casino operators and players frequenting them. However, as with the sources of information and answers on the web, there is a catch here. Not all online casinos deserve your trust. Before picking one to play Book of Ra 6 online at, check if it is Licensed properly as prescribed by the applicable laws:

  • Does its business responsibly and never lets underage people in;
  • Encourages visitors not to spend as much money as they can but play responsibly;
  • Offers a number of secure and fast and convenient payment options;
  • Responds to your support requests quickly and gives answers to all questions, including stupid ones;
  • Offers bonuses matching those offered by online casinos competing with it.

Look for Book of Ra 6 bonuses in online casinos

The latter point in the above list deserves a special note. Bonuses are a great part of gaming, both online and offline. However, if brick and mortar casinos can only offer you this much, online casinos have a bigger room to play in. Typical welcome bonus, for example, is doubling your first deposit. For example, you add a hundred to your account, but what actually lands there is not a hundred but two hundred. Of course, you cannot simply withdraw this welcome gift and put it in your pocket, the money can only be used for gaming purposes, but this kind of generosity typically helps you start actually winning money playing your favourite games – slots like Book of Ra 6, for example, – and learn your own pace at gaming, the frequency of gaming sessions that fill you up with emotions and excitement.

Book of Ra 6 bonuses are not a rare thing to find. This video slot game is very popular (and there are reasons for that) so every now and then the internet casinos that have Book of Ra 6 in their assortment of slots launch promotions connected to this game. Free spins or extra coins, you can always look for and find some gift from the operator to go with your deposit.

Book Of Ra 6: The Game

As the title of this gem of a slot game suggests, Book of Ra 6 is not a 5-reeler but a 6-reeler. Well, you can play it with only five reels spinning, but it is not that much different from the classic Book of Ra game (no difference at all, actually) and not as fun as it can be. 6 reels on a screen naturally brings you closer to greater winnings. There is perfect logic to that: the more reels you have spinning, the greater are the chances that the symbols those reels bring will land in a payline combination.

However, there is a condition to meet if you want to spin 6 reels instead of 5. The initial deposit for Book of Ra is 10 Euro, and Book of Ra 6 – the real 6-reeler – requires the deposit of 20 Euro, no less. But, as mentioned above, 6 reels boast the greatest winning potential, so the investment may pay off manyfold.

Book Of Ra 6 Winnings Potential

There is a number of symbols on the Book of Ra 6 reels. They are actually same to those you may have already seen in the classic Book of Ra and Book of Ra Deluxe video slots. The number of paylines, as expected, did not change, there is 10 of them in Book of Ra 6. But the chances are much greater with the 6th reel spinning for you.

The regular symbols of Book of Ra 6 are the card symbols: 10, J, Q, K and A. With them, you can at least win back your bet. All you need for that is three of a kind landing in a payline. However, that is not all for the regulars: land four or five of any in a payline and have your bet multiplied. The “icon” symbols adorning the reels of Book of Ra 6 are much more interesting. They are the Pharaoh, the Book of Ra, the Explorer (of the Cowboy, whichever you prefer), the Scarab and the Goddess.

  • The goddess and the scarab offer the same bonus: they multiply your bet by 150 (yes, one hundred and fifty). Land them in a payline and watch your winnings grow rapidly.
  • The pharaoh is a higher symbol: it wields the 400 multiplier. You just need to land the row of pharaohs properly and that’s it, you are richer then you were.
  • The most desirable symbol is the Explorer, though. When coming to your reels with his partners – same explorers – he multiplies your bet by 1000. No further comments required here.
  • The Book of Ra, which gave its name to the game, is a wild symbol. When a number of them land on your screen, your bet grows 200 times, which is great as is. Add the wild function and you have the best symbol you can get. And do not forget the free spins bonus: three books of Ra on the reels are equal to 10 free spins for you.

Before you set off on the free spins voyage, you need to pick the feature symbol. The choice is yours, really. When you get it on the screen, your current winnings multiply by 5 in a 5-reeler game and 6 in a 6-reeler. All in all, Book of Ra 6 is a great game for amateur players and high rollers alike. The former will like its winning potential and the 6th reel feature, as will the latter. And, in fact, with the great variety of slot games the developers offer us every day, if a game stays popular for several years in a row, that does mean something. Check for yourself.

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