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Blackjack Guru sells his start-up

9 April 2015

Not just friends of the card game Blackjack will know the Hollywood blockbuster 21. This film was inspired by the true story of MIT students who perfected the art of card counting and facilitated millions in Las Vegas casinos. One of the main characters is searching for a way how to make money to pay his tuition fees. Ben Campbell, played by Jim Sturgess is recruited by the brilliant statistics professor, played by Kevin Spacey. Armed with fake IDs, intelligence and a complicated system of card counting, Ben and his friends succeed to facilitate million in the casino before things get out of control.

This Ben Campbell is in real life called Jeff Ma. He is the founder and CEO of tenXer, who was known as Blackjack Guru of MIT. He used his skills around data and analysis and established a platform for engineers and technicians that helps to manage their tasks easier. The platform, quickly established itself and is often used by engineers in different work environments such as GitHub, Pivotal and JIRA. This data is used in order to help managers with statistics and insights to lead their teams better. The manager can then check the progress of the tasks of the team members at different steps, without having to rely on multiple platforms. This start-up has developed over the past three years into a world-class engineering pool and was now taken over by Twitter Inc. (NYSE tWTR). Twitter has not yet confirmed the acquisition but Jeff Ma, CEO of Tenxer, confirmed the news. The purchase price, both partners are silent but the so-called well-informed sources speak of $ 50 million or more.

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