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Bets on Greek Exit

04 July 2015

The topic that dominates the public opinion these days is certainly the Grexit. The reports on Greece and its future in the euro zone have set the tone in the media coverage and its future is still unclear. No wonder that even the bookies are offering betting on the so-called Grexit. Everything looks like Greece will continue to use the euro as their currency in future, which absolutely not in favor of Greece. Some of the leading bookmakers even offer bets that Greece will be the first country that will have to leave the euro zone. There exist a wide variety of projections and the debates are getting heated. On the websites of the online bookmaker there is therefore a fairly wide range of probabilities that Greece will leave the euro zone.

The values ​​vary between depending on the bet from one or two points and rise even up to 20 percent. Among the major providers like Betfair alone, bets are currently valued at over $ 200,000 that are placed, which anticipates that by the end of 2015 Greece will leave the euro zone. Here, the rate of the bets is currently at about 2 to1. At the bookmaker the bets that can be placed have the emphasis on the option that the country will leave the euro zone this year. There exist more betting options that cover different aspects. One of the most popular ones is that Greece will have another official currency, the Drachma, until the end of the year 2017. The odds are 11/10 or a chance of 48%. Another possibility is that the Athens do not settle the bets but will remain in the euro zone. This results in an approximately 45% chance at the bookies.

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