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Ben Affleck: gambling addiction led to divorce

18 July 2015

Not only in films like Runner Runner is the actor Ben Affleck thrilled by gambling because privately he also likes to sit in at the poker and blackjack tables for a game or two. In the past, it has been discussed several times whether Affleck already showed first addiction signs in terms of the popular gambling.

Is Ben Affleck’s passion for gambling the real reason for the termination of the marriage with Jennifer Garner?

Although there is no confirmation of this, it is clear that the popular card game Poker and the visit to the blackjack tables seem to be important to the actor. The time Affleck spends at the casino seems to be especially important to him. This now had to be realized by his wife Jennifer Garner and irritate her more and more.

In the past there have been scandals occasionally in terms of casino visits of the actor. Ben Affleck was banned from a casino table from one of the blackjack tables to be precise. He was accused of having done the trick of card counting. At this time, the actor was with his wife Jennifer Garner in Sin City and amused himself on the spot in the various casinos, even with some success. Nevertheless his wife still accompanied him to the gambling halls at this time, it seems in fact that she is no longer impressed by the passion of her husband. Rumors say that the beautiful actress wants to get divorced from him because of the gambling problem of her husband.

Garner’s patience has come to an end

Jennifer Garner now seems to have made a decision. According to media reports it has already been established that the divorce should be submitted. The gambling passion of Affleck is going to be one of the main reasons why Garner wants to separate from her husband. In addition to the scandals with regards to the card counting, Affleck said that he has also been a regular guest at the poker tables of Molly Bloom, where he is supposed to be taken up at poker against familiar faces like Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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