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Behold The Largest Mobile Jackpot Ever Won

If your occupation has anything to do with the great and seemingly omnipresent and omniscient internet, you probably have heard recently that mobile traffic finally won in the race with desktop traffic. This means that more people in the world are now using their mobile devices – smartphones and tablets of all kinds – to access internet than their desktop devices, i.e. desktop computers and laptops. With the mobile internet access speeds ever increasing, it makes perfect sense. And the gadget makers add to the benefits of mobile internet: the devices grow more and more powerful and for many people can now act as a valid replacement for their previously favoured laptops.

What you need to know about Online Casinos and the mobile Jackpots

Online casinos, as you probably know as a tech-savvy professional or an avid player or both, have always been there to ride the wave and, sometimes, foster development of some new tech, support the progress, so to say. Again, it also makes perfect sense. Online casinos have to fight fiercely on the competition battlefields, they need to keep their players interested and feed that fire all the time, and they have to be there the moment a player wants to spin or bet, not earlier and not later. So when mobile web appeared out there, online casinos were in the first rows of companies that made their online presence mobile friendly and welcomed those who, in spite of the terribly slow connection, used their phones to get online and reach gambling establishments there.

The biggest mobile win ever

So it comes as no surprise now that some of the biggest wins, the stories that will definitely make their way into the hall of fame of online gaming, feature a mobile device. This time, we are talking about the €8.6 million jackpot that some lucky Swede has recently won on the ComeOn Casino’s mobile website. The game that made the player a millionaire was NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Touch slot, a hugely popular product made by one of the leaders of the online gambling industry.

Time to install Casino Apps!

Are you still one of those that refuse to install casinos’ apps and use their phones to make calls and check email only? You are missing some grand opportunities, if this is the case. The world is going mobile faster than you think.

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