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Novoline, the creation of Novomatic, the one Austrian company that brought some of your all-time favourites – Plenty of Fruit, Book of Ra, Golden Ark to name a few – has got another jewel in its collection. For those of you who know the true value of classics – and nothing beats the classics, as the saying goes, – this one is a gem. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Bar 7's video slot game.

Bar 7’S Video Slot Game: Overview

Basically, it is a clone of one of the most popular slot games of all time, the one that has been played on slot machines for a long, long time. Novomatic has managed to bring pretty much everything the original “analog” game is famous for. The Bar 7’S online slot game features 3 reels and just 1 payline. But, what is more important and close to unique in the online slots gaming world, this Novomatic’s creation also lets you hold reels and nudge the machine. These were and are the features that bring the Bar 7’S video slot so close to the original you will have difficulties believing the marvelous and thoroughly nostalgic experience happens online and not in a smoke-filled bar with live band playing blues in the background.

Bar 7’S Video Slot Game: The Graphics

Instead of going fancy and adding some visual affects to the game, the smart guys at Novomatic decided to keep it simple and stick to visualization as close to the original Bar 7’s slot game as possible. The buttons flash, the reels spin as if they are made of real stuff, the symbols on them look like you could touch them and get some tactile sensations different from those a display or tablet or smartphone screen gives you. The digital version of Bar 7’s slot game is minimalistic, you could say, nothing explodes or otherwise tries to visually entertain you here. But the thrills are the same, and a gentle smile will likely never leave your face while you are enjoying the spinning reels of Bar 7’s video slot.

Bar 7’S Online Slot Game: The Sound

Believe it or not – better not and try the game yourself to form your own judgment – but the sounds the digital version of this famous and ever-popular slot game are fantastic. Not just the quality but the pitch-to-pitch correctness. Although digital, they are so close to the original you can close your eyes and virtually absorb the sound atmosphere radiated by Bar 7’S online slot game. This is one experience that is definitely worth adding to your list of gaming-related deeds.

Bar 7’S Online Slot Game: The Gameplay

As stated above, the digital, video version of Bar 7’S slot game is as close to the original analogue game as it gets. Three reels, nine symbols on the screen at any given moment, one – just one – playline. But, since we are talking digital and online here, you do have some variations peculiar to this type of slots. For starters, there is the bet amount. You can keep it safely at 40 cents or go all the way up to 100 Euro. This way you can control how much you spend and, accordingly, how much you win. All the information you need to keep it all under control is right there on the screen, right below the reels. Very classic and very convenient for that matter.

Bar 7’S Online Slot Game: The Symbols

Of course, since the digital Bar 7’s of the Novoline package is a meticulously cloned version of the original slot game, the symbols you see on the reels have not been changed a bit. In Bar 7’s online slot game, you have the “Seven” and the “Bar” symbols, of course. They are the most desirable ones, those that promise the greatest wins. The Bar, which is the true boss in this slot game, can bring a couple of friends to the payline and multiply your money by 40. In theory, and sometimes, for the lucky ones, in practice, this means that a 100 Euro bet returns as a 4,000 Euro prize. A decent offer, is it not? The Seven, or the Blue Seven, as it is sometimes called, multiplies your bet by 20. When you have the payline filled with the Sevens, that is. So for a 100 Euro bet you “risk” getting 2,000 Euro in return. Then comes the Bell, the jolly yellowish symbol. Have the payline ringing with those bells and see your bet multiplied by 10. The most modest symbol in the digital Bar 7’s slot game of the Novoline package is the cherry. A set of cherries filling the single available payline loads your pockets with 5 times your bet. 500 Euro for a 100 Euro bet, etc. This simplicity, straightforwardness and chance to get a great return on your gaming investment secure Bar 7’s – analogue and digital versions alike – a spot in the hall of all-time popular slots. But that is not all: the online video slot Bar 7’s does not stop mimicking its “grandfather” at just symbols and bet multiplying factors. Novomatic went further and added the Hold and Nudge functions to the game as well.

Bar 7’S Online Slot Game: Hold’Em And Nudge’Em

The original, non-digital Bar 7’s slot machine could be nudged, and you could hold reels in place while spinning the others one more time. With Bar 7’s online slot game, you can do the same. Got an almost perfect, winning set of symbols on the payline, you think? Hit the Nudge button and see the reels slowly spin a bit more to reveal next symbols and maybe bring those that you so desperately need to the line. After nudging, the reels can spin for three more spots. However, there is a trick here which relates to the digital nature of Bar 7’s video slot game: you never know what symbols nudging will give you, since the reels and shat appears on them at any given moment are controlled by the random numbers generator. But if you add the third Bar symbol to the couple of those already almost on the line with the help of Nudge, you will see the real value of this function. The “Hold” function lets you prevent a reel from rotating any further, while the remaining reels will spin the next time. Again, this feature was brought to Bar 7’s video slot game from the original, and it actually is quite a useful function. Got a Bar symbol on the payline? Hold that reel and spin the other two one more time, you just might land a big win here. The Nudge and Hold functions naturally make an otherwise simple slot game much more interesting, entertaining and exciting. While giving the player some sort of control over the development of the game, which is considered by some to be an act against the nature of games of chance, the Nudge and Hold features of the Bar 7’s video slot game also let you win more money and win more often.

Bar 7’S Video Slot Game: Gamble On!

As many video slot game do, the Bar 7’s video slot game has the Gamble feature to add to the player’s excitement and chances of great wins. It is a pretty much standard routine with fifty-fifty of winning twice as much as is at stake and or losing it all outright. Due to the latter possibility, the Gamble feature of Bar 7’s online slot game should be used with caution. You might be in the zone and have the reels spinning utterly in your favour, then comes the Gamble that you believe will also do you much good and double your winnings, and then… phew, or all goes up in digital smoke. Sad but true, it happens to the best of us.

Bar 7’S Online Slot Game: For Those About To Play, We Salute You

All in all, the digital interpretation of the famous and still as popular as ever Bar 7’S slot game is not simple “quite good”, it is as classic as it gets. If you are feeling nostalgic and/or do not want the rush and story and intensity current popular online slot titles offer, Bar 7’s video slot game is your perfect choice.

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