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Austrian plans a Europe-wide gambling enterprise

27 June 2015

The subsidiary Epic has big plans. Their plan is to take over the majority stake in Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries together with two Czech investment groups. This should be the first step towards a Europe wide gambling group. In about ten days, the consortium around the Viennese investor Peter Goldscheider wants to submit a binding offer for a majority acquisition of Entity Casinos Austria Group, which also includes the Austrian Lotteries, short ÖLG. Together with the two partners, 2 billionaires from the neighbouring Czech Republic, the foundation stone into a leading European gaming group will be placed. In addition to the Austrian Goldscheider and his Beteiligungsgesellschaft Epic mbH, Karel Komárek and Jiří Šmejc, the founders and owners of international investment group KKCG or Emma Capital are involved in this project. With 49 percent of Epic to be consortium leader, Goldscheider wants to hold 2 to 4% personally and the two Czech groups to share the rest.

The two Czechs bring in addition to the capital gambling and lottery experience. The KKCG is the 100% owner of the leading Czech gaming company Sazka and KKCG and Emma have a combined 33% share in OPAP, the Greek listed lottery and sports betting operators. Although there is still no concrete offer, he is confident that he will gain the Poker at the Casinos Austria. He is open for every solution and would like to have the Republic with 25 percent plus one share as a partner included, since gambling is a sensitive area, where a state participation can only be positive. A partnership with Novomatic that has gone live not too long ago in the lottery with 8 percent, he is skeptical towards because of the Novomatic owner Johann Graf that has certainly no interest in sharing anything, says Goldscheider. Goldscheider wants to continue to expand in Europe after the coup in the Alpine republic. Specifically, he called Turkey and Holland to be his next targets.

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