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Austria wants to regulate Online Gambling


Austria also wants to regulate Online Gambling soon. Currently there is a licensed and therefore legal online vendor operating in the Alpine republic. This is a subsidiary of Casinos Austria, that are covering this. The Austrian Lotteries are covering the online market with their online portal called But if we are to believe the estimates of industry experts, then far more than half of Austrians are gambling on unlicensed platforms and especially for poker players is the Alpine republic a paradise since nobody cares about at which provider you gamble at. But that should change soon since the Treasury is currently thinking of solutions of how to curb the illegal gambling on the web. Of course not the loss of revenue from taxes and royalties is mentioned as being the reason for the rethink, but the protection of players.

The decision makers from the tax authorities specify that no one would care enough about the providers based abroad, and the audience is mainly because of mobile gaming opportunities through mobile phones and tablets and smartphones getting younger. However, the question arises how it win2day handles the player protection because according to posts on forums it can be seen that everyone can play as long and as often as he wants, even if he loses millions. The Austrian Ministry of Finance, Professor Stefan Storr from the Institute of Public Law and Political Science at the University of Graz has commissioned a study to adapt the Gambling Act to the circumstances. However, there should currently not be any closures of platforms in Austria. This puts Austria in the EU-wide trend to regulate online gambling. However, it seems that the EU has no interest in a Europe wide solution. That the individual regulated markets such as France, Spain, Italy and Belgium are cut off from the rest of Europe is in contradiction to the principle of freedom to provide services within the EU.

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