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Austria positive towards Novomatic deal

30 August 2015

In the planned acquisition of Casinos Austria by the Novomatic AG the head of the state holding company ÖBIB, Martha Oberndorfer now appeared to speak. The representative of the government surprised with an unexpected opinion, as she welcomes the planned entry of the gaming group Novomatic in the Casinos Austria. She sees great advantages for Austria as a location and thinks that this could create a “national champion”. But the Secretary General of ÖBIB wants to hold the third component of the federal government at the Austrian casinos until further notice. Thus, the republic has an important say in the reorganization of the group and can make sure that the progress will be as efficient as possible. With the third one share it is a major shareholder in a very good strategic position, with which one can still cause a lot.

The statement of the finance minister of the Alpine republic, Hans Jörg Schelling of the ÖVP, is that a participation in the Casinos Austria from 0 to 100 per cent by the Republic of the realm of possibility they relativized, because an increase in the casinos participation by the Republic is economically not very useful , because of the interest of the Novomatic in the casinos, the values ​​of the shares have risen significantly. Thus, the third component of the federal has increased by approximately 25% and is currently worth more than a few weeks ago and is finally a positive surprise for the taxpayer. In mid-August led the Lower Austrian gaming group Novomatic with the Federal Competition Authority (BWB) is going to talk about the planned entry in the Casinos Austria that own out of all Austrian licenses to operate full casinos. They also hold the license for the operation of lottery games, the coveted online gambling and also of VLT, which are centrally networked gaming machines. Novomatic is the leader in the Alpine republic in the field of sports betting. In Austria, in contrast to most other EU countries it is not seen as gambling.

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