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ASA blames Unibet to use “risk free” wrong in terms of online gambling

8th January 2015

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) forced the online gambling operator Unibet to take down their advertisement, which state on Facebook that placing a bet is risk free.

The ad entailed a “risk free” bet of 20 pound that they could use to place a bet on the English Premier League including Manchester City vs Liverpool and Sunderland vs Manchester United.

Players that lost their bet had to however place an additional bet if they wanted their stake back – this factor led to three complaints with ASA.

ASA stated the following: “Unibet said that this wasn’t the case to place six bets which would form part of the turnover, that had to end up at six times the amount.

Despite all the arguments ASA decided to stick with the complaints against the operator.

“We noticed that the players hat to place their first bet with their own money after they successfully registered an account at Unibet and not with the money they were given as a bonus. They only received the winnings if they won the first bet”, said ASA.

However the players didn’t have to use their own money while wagering after they lost the first bet but they had to balance out the bonus in order for them to qualify to win.

ASA decided that these ads are not allowed to be shown in such format and that Unibet is no longer allowed to use the word “risk free” in their offers. The warning is clear and will last into the future. Unibet has to adhere to the rules and has to communicate all information properly. 

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