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Andorra on its way to legalise online gambling

08 Januar 2015

Andorra has implemented steps to legalise online gambling. The legislative committee has passed on a bill, that aims to regulate this online gambling industry.

In this small nation in which about 85.000 people live, the inhabitants are not allowed to use online gambling or go to land based casinos. Therefore there is no way they can start gambling. However this will change as soon as the bill gets activated. It will allow one casino operator to establish itself with one brand in Andorra.

With this change, government hopes to attract the millions of tourists that travel via Andorra on a yearly basis. Antoni Riberaygua, the minister describes the look out as “potentially attractive for future visitors”. In the discussions he mentioned that the bill will take care of the fact that gambling will be a social positive effect to Andorra.

The new bill will also allow the inhabitants from Andorra to access a selection of various online gambling and poker websites.

Discussions with regards to the regulation of online poker started already in 2013. The country is aiming for higher tax revenue, that can be generated from the turnover of such activities. This will help the country secure itself and to have an additional source of income. The bill reveals that luck and skill games such as Poker need a D license. Therefore the leading poker operators need to first apply  and need to be accepted before they are allowed to enter the market. Afterwards they can share with Andorra what they have learned since they been around in such industry. Foreign applicants will not be allowed to hand in their application before 2015.

Voting for this bill will start in the beginning of this year, so that it can be implemented as soon as possible.

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