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About the lottery boom and illegal sports betting

July 29, 2015

In an interview the Toto-Lotto-CEO Marion Caspers-Merk indicated in conjunction with the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Lotto 6 out of 49 in Germany, the popular lottery game and the German sports betting market, which seems to cause the boss to be more and more worried. By her own account, gambling addiction is a serious threat, even though it is the smallest addiction compared to the big addictions like alcohol or tobacco. She has also already played Lotto without a big win; however, with rejoice in the game itself. Since the launch of Lotto in Germany there has been a total of 740 million in winnings, per year there is an estimated 15 million in more winnings. People, that achieve a million winning in the lottery, have the opportunity to be advised by the association. According to Caspers-Merk about half of them take advantage of this offer. The new- millionaire are often unsure how to proceed. Who do they tell about their winning? How should further be proceeded? The lottery company advises every major winner to be cautious, however many winner also knew beforehand how to handle money, therefore they usually also know if they win millions how to handle it. A good advice is always to pay off one’s house, pay off debts or indulge in a quite nice trip, says Caspers-Merk. According to the boss of the lottery, besides the players there is also the country and the common welfare that benefit from the players’ winnings, since almost half of the turnover goes into sport, culture, environment and social issues, while the other half is paid back to the players.

The dangers of gambling addiction According to Caspers-Merk fast games are especially dangerous for the gamblers. Lottery does not count to the dangerous ones, because there are only two draws a week. Slot machines and betting services are assessed by the Lotto boss as very dangerous. By offering online gambling the risk of addiction is increasing, so Caspers-Merk. The concessions for sports betting services in Germany have not yet been issued, while the Toto-Lotto Company is still waiting for a decision, there are still numerous deals that can be found online. Caspers-Merk reveals that those who comply with the statutory rules should not be penalized among suppliers. However, currently, suppression from the market is taking place, because the state is not overriding illegal offers on the internet. The demand on part of the lottery boss is therefore quite clear: politics and the state have to pave the way for gambling in Germany in a timely manner, so that no further suppression takes place and the vendors have the same rights and opportunities and that gambling addiction can be contained.

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