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A souvenir of a special kind from Rome

21 June 2015

Whoever wants to visit Rome by the end of the month could with a bit of luck bring a really special souvenir from the eternal city back home. The Pope organized now for the second time a lottery. The prizes are a variety of things that he has been given on his travels. What the head of the Catholic Church receives can be very valuable but also original and occasionally a bit bizarre. Among the presents, there are technical things such as smartphones or tablets, fashion accessories such as a Panama hat or even cars. Every country that was visited by the Pope Francis, welcomed the pontiff with numerous gifts. This pope has, as we know, kept his humility he doesn’t keep the gifts of the host countries for himself, but he is giving them away and the proceeds are intended to help people in need to improve their situation.

This is already the second time that Francis is passing on his gifts in form of a lottery to share them with others. Shortly before last Christmas, there were also items from the pool for a good cause in a lottery to win. The grand prize was a Fiat Panda in color white, just like the color of the pope. Sport interested people were able to enjoy the winning of a tandem. In this summer’s lottery there are about 40 papal prices to be won and with some luck you can be happy about the first prize, which is also the car this time. A model from the Korean production will be raffled, which had been handed over to the Pope in August 2014 on his Korea trip. The lottery is organised by the administration department of the Vatican City. A lot is available at 10, – € to be purchased throughout the entire month of June in the Vatican. The feast of the Roman city patrons Peter and Paul, the 29th of June is the last day of sale of the lots. The lucky winners will be drawn the very next day.

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