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33,832,008.60 euros are awaiting its winner

24 July 2015

The highest lottery winning in Berlin of all times waits for its lucky winner. He put the right crosses on the correct numbers in the famous game “6 out of 49” and won the incredible sum of 33,832,008.60 euros. This happened on Wednesday morning two weeks ago at 7:59 clock in a filing office in Mariendorf. It was probably a person that was just on his or her way to work, or a pensioner who was shopping. The winning ticket cost only 10,50 Euro. That’s just typical for a single player. But until now the profit has not yet been picked up. If the lucky guy on vacation, had he maybe even lost the receipt or is he afraid of sudden wealth. A spokesman for the lottery company, who has been working in this industry for the past 30 years said that in the case of high profits that are being redeemed, interesting insights can be discovered. Astonishingly enough is the fact that people who have won large sums of money for the first time often leave the lottery ticket untouched for a couple of days. On average, it takes two to four weeks before a big win is claimed. People need to firstly understand that it is going to change their lives completely and dramatically by such a sudden high profit. But he says that he would not feel very comfortable with himself, because if a lottery ticket would be the same as cash if you lost it, then the profit would also be gone. Normally, however, almost every amount will be picked up. In the 30 years of his activity only small sums were claimed except for one occasion in 1991 at game 77 where someone cashed out 1.67 million D Mark. The 34-million winner has also still time since he can redeem the receipt until 8 October of this year. In case this does not happen, this amount will like all other stranded profits end up in a custody account. It will then be sure if it is 5.20 euros or now perhaps 34 million that goes into this account. A few times per year there are special draws launched from this account, at which one can win a car for example.

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